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In the Payback's A Bitch Dept. (or maybe the Backfired/Ricocheting… - blogged-down_5.0: You're Gettin' Even While I'm Gettin' Odd

Sep. 19th, 2008

10:27 am

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In the Payback's A Bitch Dept. (or maybe the Backfired/Ricocheting Prayers Dept.):  I wasn't able to secure House Manifestation #2 because apparently Soon-To-Be-Ex-Wife was a raging twat and Soon-To-Be-Ex-Husband was either supremely flaky or avoiding STBEW completely, so no one from their corner was able to respond to me.  The RE agency representing them has cut the happy couple loose for being impossible to work with, and the place is off the market.  But it's okay.

HM#3, the Triple-Double Odd House, is a Rexi-sized and completely quirky abode with a fabulous basement for band practice built in, which is just what the current owner has been using it for these last 16 years with evidently no squawking from the neighbors.  I have a *very* good feeling about this one.

The seller would also like me to keep his cat with the house.  Somehow this feels entirely in line with the kind of life I always wind up leading despite my best intentions.  I'll talk to him about it.